Legon Still Taking Road Tolls Despite Govt's Opposition

The university of Ghana is still collecting road tolls it has slapped on motorists driving through campus, despite being asked by government to cease the collection. Joy news has revealed.

 Checks on the roads leading to the university of Ghana reveal motorist, who who have driven into the campus using various entry routes are made to pay the toll, and tickets issued.

Joy news Joseph Opoku-Gakpo, who stood at one of the toll booth sites reports that drivers using the university the the university roads are made to pay a toll fee entering ther university.

Commercial taxes are made to pay Two Ghana Cedis, private cars going for one Ghana Cedi with heavy duty vehicles paying three Ghana Cedis.

As a result of taking toll from motorists, roads leading to the university had developed heavy traffic situation around the area with some drivers exchanging words with the police personnel conducting the exercise.

According to the motorists it has come to the attention of the general public that government has taken over the  debt incurred by the university for the construction of the roads and therefore the university should cease collecting tolls from motorist .Meanwhile, university officials are unavailable for comments but officials collecting the tools, even though aware of government directives not to take road toll, continue to engage in the excise as they have not received any directive from the authorities of the university.

The university started the collection of road tolls since February 1, this year.

Several interest groups including the Students Representative Council (SRC)of the university of Ghana have kicked against the decisions of the university authorities.

Arrangements have also been made for private road users to make onetime payments with the university authorities exempting only employees of the institutions and their departments using vehicles registered with the university, from paying the charges.

Authorities of the University of Ghana say it will only reverse their decisions to charge tolls on its roads if government pays them an amount of 2.3millin dollars since it is saddled with about 130million Ghana Cedis debts to settle with their bankers.

Source: The National Democrat.