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Ras Mubarak cautions NDC over complacency

National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Ablekuma North constituency, Ras Mubarak, has cautioned the NDC over complacency, he admonished that they should rather project the achievements of the party ahead of the December polls.

He said although the unity in the party has been rekindled following the endorsement of President Mahama by the former President Rawlings, more must be done to ensure a massive victory for the NDC come December.

“I am not surprised because Rawlings for the astute politician that he is, we had hopes that sooner than later, he will put his shoulders to the reel and join the national campaign”

He added that it is a huge relief to the grassroots supporters and all members of the party to hear that Ex-president Rawlings has endorsed President Mahama. He thinks “this endorsement should provide an impetus for the members of the NDC to go into the election staying focused on the issues that really matter because Ghanaians truly do not want the political party that is not united.”

He said he is very confident that the December elections is a done deal for the NDC, “but he would sound a word of caution to the members of the NDC not to be complacent”

Ras Mubarak continued to add that the NDC deserves another term based on its performance over the last four years in government.

Source: Radio Gold Newsroom|| Daniel Badu