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ABANTU appeals to presidential candidates to give 50% of government appointments to women


Director of Abantu for Development, Dr. Rose Mensah Kutin has appealed to the various Presidential candidates to give 50 percent of Government appointments to women when voted into power.



According to her, some African countries have been able to achieve this hence the need for Ghana to follow suit.


Dr. Mensah Kutin made this known in an interview with Gold News on the sidelines of a press conference to celebrate the Women’s manifesto, a document which outlines the aspirations of women’s groups in the country by the Women manifesto coalition on the theme “Celebrating 8 years of the Women’s manifesto: The relevance of the Women’s manifesto for election 2012”.


According to her, Senegal has 61% representation of women in parliament while Rwanda has 65% representation of women in the law making house.


She also noted that when women are put in such positions the country is likely to get policies that reflect the socio-economic aspects of the country.


Director for the Institute of Local Government Studies, Dr. Esther Ofei-Aboagye noted the essence of gender equity in the legislative arms of Government of the country.


She further noted that the Women’s manifesto seeks to resolve the deficit in women representation in government adding the exclusion of women in governance amounts to under-utilizing of the country’s human resources.


Source: Radio Gold Newsroom || Yayra Anku