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Ghanaians must beware of NPP’s ‘laissez faire’ property owning democracy -Dr. Tony Aidoo


Head of Government Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the office of the President, Dr. Tony Aidoo says the speech delivered by Former President John Kufour at the 2nd Liberty Lecture was nothing new.



Speaking on Radio Gold’s current affairs programe Alhaji and Alhaji, Dr. Tony Aidoo noted that the speech was aimed at denigrating the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in terms of their performance in the three and a half years.


He said “beyond the vitriolic language and objective of vilification at this lecture, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) tried to portray the values of the NPP”.


According to Dr. Tony Aidoo, in 2008 the NPP came out with the concept of development in freedom noting that “their ultimate aim was to impose on Ghanaians their values. We fought for independence in 1957 and the colonial government granted it to us”.


“During the struggle, the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) and Nkrumah had the slogan of freedom. After independence, the CPP and Nkrumah saw that freedom must go with justice. What is the NPP’s definition of freedom?” he asked.


He also said that the mantra of the NPP’s ‘all die be die’ will not permit them to see any good development by the NDC emphasizing that “In 2008 we reminded the NPP that after more than 16 years of practicing democracy, we have demonstrated that Ghana is a peaceful country”.


Dr. Tony Aidoo therefore called on Ghanaians to be careful of the laissez faire property owning democracy of the NPP.


Source: Radio Gold Online Team || Joyce Vidza