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Media to ensure peace with their reportage in December elections

The Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre, on Thursday has tasked the media to play a pivotal role in ensuring a peaceful and a successful election this year.

The media over the years has been recognized in many countries as a tool that can be used to make or break peace before, during or after an election.

At a day’s seminar which was organized by the centre under the theme: “Media monitoring during elections in Ghana: Lessons from the 2008 and other elections”, a lecturer at the school of Communications Studies, at the University of Ghana, Dr. Audrey Gazdekpo, advised the various media houses to put aside their political affiliations for a decent and fair report in this year’s elections.

She said “the surveillance watchdog role of the media entails that the media reports the general conduct of the elections; so they are not just passing on information or educating us but they are analyzing the situation and telling us how our elections are being conducted.”

She added that citizens also rely on the media to help them scrutinize the candidates, the parties and their agenda. She said it is the media’s job to analyze information and put before the public, because “we rely on them to help us to understand what the agenda of the political parties are, where the parties stand, their contradictions, the similarities and the feasibilities of what it is that their agenda says they are going to do.”

Dr. Audrey Gazdekpo also called on all stakeholders in the country during an election which includes the National Media Commission, Center for Democratic Development, International elections observers, the security services, political parties and other stakeholders to closely monitor the media for fair and balanced information during the December polls.

Source: Radio Gold Newsroom ||Daniel Badu