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China to Build Cape Coast Stadium Free Of Charge

President John Dramani Mahama has stated that the financial component and design of the Cape Coast stadium and the Kotokuraba Market are ready and awaiting his signature for the projects to commence.


The President revealed to an elated crowd in Cape Coast that the Chinese government will however build the Cape Coast Stadium in memory of the late President John Evans Atta Mills free of charge.
The president made this exposé during his recent ‘Thank You Tour’ of the Central Region after the burial of President Mills.

Addressing the chiefs and people of Cape Coast, President Mahama said the government is ready to commence two development projects that were very dear to late President Mills: the Kotokuraba Market Project in Cape Coast and the Cape Coast Stadium.

On the Cape Coast Stadium, President Mahama said “the financing of the Cape Coast Stadium has been approved by the Chinese government. The design for the stadium has been brought… We have approved it and very soon you will all join me to cut the sod for the Cape Coast Stadium [to be built].”

He said the stadium project is completely free of charge. “It is a grant from the Chinese government. It is not a loan so it is completely free of charge. The Chinese government is building it as a gift to the people of Ghana in memory of President John Evans Atta Mills.”

President Mahama stated that “God works in his own time and God knows why He does what He does. Prof was waiting to come and cut the sod for that project to take off. As I stand here and speak, the document for the Kotokuraba Market, financing has arrived and is sitting on my table… I wish to assure you as your son that I will very quickly sign the document so that the money [is made available for the project to begin.”

He paid a glowing tribute to President Mills saying he lived a full and celebrated life. “Take heart and even though you have lost a son, you have gained a son,” he said.

“In the short time that he was our leader, he undertook phenomenal development projects across the country… There is no District in this country that can say that under Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, they did not get a fair share of the national cake.”

President Mahama added that under the late president’s tutelage, Ghana brokered the China Development Bank projects, which have already started yielding results. He indicated that these projects are going to transform the country and move Ghana’s development forward.

He promised to return to the area to ensure that the project takes off as soon as possible. So far, the president has addressed residents of Kasoa, Mankessim and Cape Coast. He will complete his tour of the region on Saturday.

Source: GNA