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Some youth in Accra pledge allegiance to the NDC


A cross section of the youth from Pig Farm, Kotobabi, Aladjo and Ebony in the Accra Metropolis have pledged allegiance to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).



The group says they will vote for the NDC to ensure that the better Ghana Agenda of the late president Mills is continued and completed.


In an interview with Gold News, the Leader of the group, Moses Louis Ametamey, called for unity among Ghanaians adding that “we are sorry for the death of president Mills. As the bible says all things work for the good of men”.


He expressed the need for all Ghanaians to come together and rally behind President Mahama adding that “it is time to come together under one umbrella and vote for the NDC for the success of the better Ghana agenda regardless of our political differences”.


Source: Radio Gold Newsroom || Christiana Kweitsu