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Authorities at Ampain refugee camp assure Ivorian refugees of their status


Ivorian Refugees at the Ampain camp in the Western Region are uncertain about their refugee status after the death of President Mills. 



According to the refugees, President Mills who was against military intervention during the Ivorian crisis has been more than a father to them and a pillar of support for their continuous stay in Ghana.


Speaking to Gold News, the president of the Ivorian Community at Ampain, Steban Alexis noted that they have appealed to President Mahama to continue from where late President Mills left off.


He added that the late president Mills was concerned with their welfare hence his efforts to seek funds from the United Nations for their upkeep.


The Ivorian refugees are also appealing for assistance to be able to attend the funeral of late President Mills in Accra.


Meanwhile manager of the refugee camp Kelly Forson has allayed the fears of the Ivorian refugees, assuring them their status is guaranteed.


Source: Radio Gold Newsroom || Valentina Ofori Afriyie