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Medical Doctors entreated to rescind their decision

Director for Corporate Affairs and Institutional Advancement at the Ghana Institute of Management and Professional Administration (GIMPA),Dr G. Koryoe Anim-Wright is appealing to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) to withdraw its striking decision and go back to the hospital in order to save lives.

Speaking on the Gold Power Drive Thursday morning, Dr Anim-Wright tells show host Suhuyini that there should be an ideal system for Medical Doctors to acquire the funds the government owes them noting that the death of loved ones as a result of neglect by Medical Doctors leaves a huge burden on those left behind.

She says, “Again, I am not here to question what the Doctors are doing here is valid. All am saying is that we the people are the ones suffering as a result of this, and this cannot and should not be the only way for them to get what it is that they are seeking from the government.

“It is the people who are losing loved ones are the ones bearing the burden in this entire decision.”

Dr Koryoe Anim-Wright lost her mother last September in a private hospital in Accra.

 Her mother’s death at 5:18 pm on Monday September 3, 2012 “will forever be emblazoned in my mind” she states in her article Titled: The Doctor’s Strike: First Do No Harm, which is published in the Article Column on this Website.

She states in the article that death is a difficult thing to go through “It’s heartbreaking and leaves you inconsolable. It is final...It silences a voice forever. It creates a pain and a vacuum in the life of those living that nothing can replace. It fills you with guilt, wondering if you could have done something differently that would have saved that person’s life….” therefore it should not be used as a “bargaining chip”.

She urges the Medical Doctors to remember the Hippocratic Oath that they take and honour the sentences in the oath.

Most importantly, Medical Doctors voluntarily chose their profession and “swore to do no harm and to help individuals in times of need” therefore it’s unjustifiable to allow the preventable death of anyone to occur as a means to achieving a personal goal.

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By: Richard Fiebor/www.myradiogoldlive.com