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It Was a Night of ‘Repete’ as Hugh Masekela and Friends Rocked

For everyone who had forgotten the words of Uncle Hugh Masekela last week, here is a reminder, “…I will like to encourage the women not to wear high-heels because they’re going to be dancing most of the night”,

and that did happen  at the Kasapreko Africa Legends Night last Saturday night with everyone, not just the women.

The State Banquet Hall played host to the beautiful and handsome faces that came to unwind, and among the top dignitaries that graced the night was the Rawlings couple. It wasn’t just about music and good taste of Kasapreko branded liquors to sip, but pure giggling as the host of the night, KSM was at his best to bring out sincere laughter out of the hall.

Supporting the man who had earlier instructed that he is now called, ‘Old Pa’ from the normal ‘Uncle’, were New Zealand’s finest Zozo, then came one of Africa’s best saxophonist Steve Bedi, and the sexy ‘Kae’ crooner, YaaYaa. Ben Brako was in one word, ‘fantastic’, as his tunes sparked the first family who couldn’t sit any longer but dashed out to show to the world how they have practiced well for that night.

Big Brother Stargame 2nd runner up, Lady May came to Ghana fully prepared on her first visit and left with a mind blowing impression on the minds of all that came to see her, the sister from Namibia didn’t disappoint.

And finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for came as Hugh Masekela mounted the stage to give his best. Tune after tune kept the audience dancing like no man’s business. He has been performing for over fifty-five years, so in a nutshell, Old Pa is a veteran.

Source: Ghana Web