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Stiletto Craze, Women Hazard?


Women really love their shoes,

for that matter the stilettos and they would go to any length just short of committing murder to own that pair of lovely stilettos they have spotted in a shop.


Call it part of a biological make-up or part of the genetics of a woman to own stilettos at all cost.


A woman could own just a pair, some a dozen with others who have the means and have travelled widely, buying from all parts of the world they’ve visited, a sort of memorabilia if you want to look at it that way.

Yes! It is a fact that there are health hazards associated with wearing high heeled shoes but I’m sure my fellow ladies would put this into consideration when planning on wearing that heel they love to bits.

But what struck me the most is the fact that women started wearing their stilettos nearly four centuries ago from the protective Chopin worn by Venetian courtesans to the mood-altering stilettos strutted by today’s woman and fashionistas.

Women’s love for the stilettos is legendry and so I am sure in choosing one, there are a few things women consider such as, brand name, how much attention that particular shoe will attract; beauty and style influence that sort of thing. Some women also choose their stilettos based on what they see their favorite celebrity wearing and whether they could also have it and show off among their circle of friends.

Even though people have the notion that stilettos can never be comfortable due to the height and sometimes just looking at it on the shelf leaves you wondering whether it is a good idea purchasing it in the first place.

I do agree though, sometimes just looking at the shoes you just purchase can put the fear of God on you but on the other hand just imagining how beautiful that stilettos would look on your feet, how positively radiant you would look and I’m even sure the thought of how other women would green with envy has some influence in you purchasing that lovely stilettos.

Well it is also true that, wearing a 12 inches or even 16 inches high heeled shoes is hard work and one also needs lots and lots of balance, women should really know how to walk in them before even thinking of purchasing stilettos.