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Ofori Amponsah Turned Pastor, Forms Own Church

Sensational Ghanaian musician Ofori Amponsah aka All 4 Real,

has said he is now a born-again, spirit-filled, tongue-speaking, heaven-bound Christian and has actually formed his own church, the Family of Faith and Love Ministries where he ministers every Sunday.

He said he currently had over a hundred people in the church.

Ofori Amponsah on Tuesday told NEWS-ONE he was no longer called All 4 Real but rather Brother Ofori Amponsah, founder and leader of the Family of Faith and Love Ministries

“I have started my own fellowship and I believe God is calling me into the ministry to tell people He is alive…

All the songs I wrote and music I did was not by my strength but by a God-given talent in me but now it is time for me to return to God just like the prodigal son,” Ofori Amponsah noted.

“The fellowship is called Family of Faith and Love Ministries.

We meet just adjacent to my house at Ofankor Barrie. We started just some three months ago.

It seems the music is leaving me slowly and it seems God wants to redirect my life elsewhere,” he added.

When asked whether he was an apostle, a pastor, an evangelist or a prophet, Ofori Amponsah said the “calling of God” on his life enabled him to do the works of both an evangelist and a prophet.

He explained, “Every Christian has that ability but it depends on you….Just last Sunday during our service, people got their healing, people were freed from satanic bondages.

There was this woman in the congregation and the Lord told me secrets of what was happening in her life.

She had left her husband’s house for about a week and when I told her she confirmed it.”

According to Ofori, he was actually actively involved in church business at the Tesano Baptist church before he backslid in 1994 and met Daddy Lumba.

He said it was time for him to return to the Lord and actually preach about Jesus Christ.

As the interview was ending, Ofori Amponsah said God had told him a few secrets about the mother of the reporter who interviewed him and that there was an urgent need for serious prayers to be said.

Source: News-One