Business in Ghana

Energy Ministry to give cylinders to rural folks for free


The Ministry of Energy has commissioned the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company to produce 5 kilogram LPG cylinders for the rural communites in the country.



The cylinders, according to the Ministry of Energy will be distributed freely to the rural dwellers for which they will only pay for the LPG gas.


The move is part of a strategy the ministry is adopting to assist the beneficiaries to halt the use of fire wood and charcoal to preserve the forests.


Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Energy, Edward Bawah indicated that the initiative will create jobs for the people and make the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company which is an agency under the Ministry of Energy more viable.


He also noted that since the Energy Commission has banned the importation of ‘second-hand’ cylinders into the country, there is the need to look for an alternative company that will manufacture cylinders for the country at a lower cost.


Source: Gold Business Report || Henry George Martinson