Supreme Court should charge TUC and the Presbyterian Church for contempt of court-Lawyer Annan


A Legal Practitioner and Public Interest Lawyer, David Annan has called for the Supreme Court to charge the Trade Union Congress and the Presbyterian Church Ghana for contempt of court.



According to him the two organizations have issued statements which are against the rulings of the judicial laws of the land that when a case is before court it is wrong for any organization to come to a conclusion before the court does.


He said this on Radio Gold’s Current Affairs Programe, Alhaji and Alhaji on Saturday noting that in the words of TUC, the legalities of the rule of law cannot be ascertained because of the EC’s decision to create new constituencies.


He said for an organization like the TUC to meddle in the constitutional mandate of a recognized institution makes it “capricious and arbitrary” to the Supreme Court’s rules and the democratic tenets of the country’s constitution.


Lawyer David Annan called on the leadership of the TUC and the Presbyterian Church to apologize to its members for not consulting them before engaging in the politics of insult.


Source: Radio Gold Online Team ||Joyce Vidza