Statements from Staff of Radio Gold concerning the death of President Mills


Lauratu Omar: The death of president Mills did not come as a shock to me because I foresaw it coming.

During his last days, I realized there were signs all over him indicating his death. I had a dream about his death including what is happening now. I pray that God gives his family and Ghanaians the heart to bear the pain.


Nancy Obimpeh:  I have heard close friends call him with names he would have responded to. He was like a father, and a source of encouragement to me. His death came as a big blow to me and my household. He is gone too soon when we needed him the most. Rest in peace father till we meet again, your memory is all we have now.


Chief Nomo: A day has finally come when we all mourn, it will be history tomorrow. The good works of Prof. Mills will forever be remembered. One thing I have learnt is that great leaders do not live long and the very time you expect them, they go away. You will stand out in my life as a Perfect man for a good job done.


Rachael Gyan: I am still in the state of doubt about the death of the late president Mills. I still think he is alive because such a great and humble man cannot go and leave his country when we needed him the most. In all things I give thanks to God for all he has done for this nation.


Source: www.myradiogoldlive.com