Statements from Staff of Radio Gold concerning the late President Mills


Emeffa Agonyo: The news of the president came as a shock because he was pronounced dead six years ago which turned out to be false.

I thought it was one of the numerous jokes, even though death is inevitable. It is going to be difficult to refer to him as ‘the late president Mills’, however it will be important to carry out his legacy of peace and respect for elders.


Joan Amo: I was on my way home when a friend called me on the phone to blame me for not informing her about the death of the president. That was when I heard that our president was no more. I did not believe it even though the Chief of Staff issued a statement to confirm his death. I realized the president was no more when President Mahama was sworn in as the constitution demanded. I wish the late president Mills all the best on his journey to the ancestral world. May he rest in the bosom of the almighty God.


Gifty Gyasi: I was on my way to the office when I heard his death on radio. I did not believe it because of the rumors surrounding his health. When I saw people crying upon reaching the office, I still did not believe it. I realized he was indeed gone after the one week celebration. I do not fancy politics but I liked president Mills because he was a humble and kindhearted person. May his soul rest in peace.


Baba Atiah: On that faithful day I was at home when my colleague called on the phone to inform me of the death of president Mills. I became miserable and confused after the news. When I entered the premises of Radio Gold, I realized all the workers were crying because of the death of the president. The man has done what he was supposed to do for Ghanaians. Even though he is dead I believe he is still with us.


Source: www.myradiogold live.com