Women with larger breasts stand a higher risk of breast cancer


Research has shown that women with larger breasts have a higher risk of breast cancer than those with average-sized breasts.

 The research was conducted by a medical student and some researchers at the University of Australia, under the title “outcome of mammography in women with large breasts”, which emphasized the importance of regular mammograms for women, particularly those with large breasts.

President of Breast Care International, Dr. Wiafe Addai, speaking to Gold News on the research, established that “women with large breasts have a lot of challenges; however, women with smaller breasts equally stand a risk of breast cancer”.

Dr. Wiafe Addai also advised women with larger breasts to take mammograms regularly for early in order to be able to detect cancer before it grows to worse.

She further urged women to exercise regularly to avert obesity.

Source: Radio Gold Newsroom || Christiana Kweitsu